The London Soundings is a new research project, which explores innovative and sustainable grassroots activities, by listening to the “soundings” of 12 selected place-based initiatives throughout the Greater London and by revealing their ambitions and challenges through exhibition, film and book.

This project will identify key social and ecological initiatives in Greater London and profile the range of enterprises and social models they operate to showcase London’s innovative capacity.


·  These 12 initiatives propose a new type of place-making, by coupling grassroots creativity with local sustainability.

·  The actions are community-driven, promoting collaborative partnerships with a wide range of actors from all sectors of society.

·  They are creative, constitute disruptions from the norm or reflect the need for new processes and practices to address sustainable issues at local scale.

·  Such collective enterprises exhibit characteristics that enable their innovations to have broader impacts on society, by being scalable, inspirational, or duplicable. 

Contact us

Dr. Michael Neuman

Professor of Sustainable Urbanism

  • 020-7911-7556
  • m.neuman@westminster.ac.uk

Dr. Mireille Tchapi

Research Fellow, Sustainable Urbanism

  • 020-3506-6547
  • m.tchapi@westminster.ac.uk
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